Do you want to write? Do you have to write?

Here you will find free lessons to guide beginning, blocked, and baffled writers along a learning path leading to mastery of the work of writing.

I am a writer who has devoted most of her adult life (almost thirty years now) to the teaching of writing. Over this time, through countless classroom sessions and private conferences, I have developed my own approach to help aspiring and struggling writers acquire writing skill.

Mine is a down-to-earth, practical approach based on the following principles:

If you would like to begin (or continue) your own journey into the world of writing, I invite you to explore the lessons that follow.


Barbara Baig is not afraid to go back to the basics, and in doing so, she illuminates the writing process for both beginners and seasoned professionals. Barbara teaches writers skills they can use right away to start making the writing process their own. Barbara's approach builds confidence because it's about doing—it'll give you all the tools you need for your journey!
      —Janet Pocorobba, Assistant Professor and Coordinator, Lesley University MFA Program in Creative Writing

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