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Where Writers Learn

Welcome to Where Writers Learn, a site offering free writing lessons and other resources for aspiring creative writers, as well as those who must write at work or in school.

I'm a writer whose passion is teaching writing, and in my thirty years of teaching I've developed a new approach that benefits both beginners and more experienced writers. I call this approach the Mastery Path, and have given that title to the section of this site where you'll find the lessons.

The Mastery Path approach is simple, but not easy. It's the same learning method used by top athletes and musicians to build their skills—dedication to practice.

In the lessons I explain, first, how the Mastery Path approach to learning skills works; then I discuss the skills writers need; and then I offer practices to help you build those skills. I have presented the lessons in order, as I would in the classroom, but you can certainly find your own way through them. On the left-hand side of the Lessons page is a table of contents of all posted lessons.

I hope you will try out all the practices, and post comments, if you like. If you have questions, I'll try to answer them as quickly as I can.

New lessons will arrive approximately twice a month.

Barbara Baig

PLEASE NOTE: As of January 2016 I will not be posting new lessons for a time. However, I do offer private coaching, via email and phone, to aspiring writers who want to use the techniques of deliberate practice to build their skills. My teaching approach is grounded in the research into expertise development of Professor K. Anders Ericsson. If you're not familiar with his work, you can read about it in Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise, a book I believe every writer should read.


If you've worked through one or both of my books, and would like some guidance in establishing your own learning path (what to practice? how?), write to me at the address in the left-hand column. I can help you establish learning goals and develop a plan to meet them. Sometimes one session is all you need; or you may prefer ongoing coaching over a period of time. Coaching sessions are $50/hr.


My goal in these session is to help you figure out which skills you need to learn, and in what order, so you can develop a practice routine that works for you. I do my best to be non-intimidating, flexible, and helpful to each of my coaching clients.