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SPELLBINDING SENTENCES: A Writer's Guide to Achieving Excellence and Captivating Readers

With Spellbinding Sentences as your guide, you will master two essential writing skills. You'll become fluent at finding words, and expert in arranging them into powerful sentences—sentences that will grab and keep your readers' attention.


 PRAISE for Spellbinding Sentences
I hope young writers find this book and profit from it! I give it the Vulcan salute—"Live long and prosper!"
—Ursula K. Le Guin


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NEW! BONUS CHAPTER from Spellbinding Sentences

A brief guide to the history of the English language and the joys of exploring where our words come from.

HOW TO BE A WRITER: Building Your Creative Skills Through Practice and Play

"This is a wise, humane and practical book for anyone who wants to write; it guides the novice and re-awakens the veteran to processes and practices which can bring out the best writing in all of us." —Emma Darwin, author of A Secret Alchemy


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The Mastery Path for Writers: A New Approach to Building Your Skills

This booklet explains how writers can give up the myth of innate talent and instead master skills the same way top musicians and athletes do—through deliberate practice. AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD NOW.

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