The Mastery Path for Writers: a new way to learn the skills you need

Story Lesson 6: Story Materials 3

January 26, 2015

Tags: 6. Making Stories

Ideas and material for stories can come from anywhere: from our own experiences or those of our friends; from history or current events; from tales told in our own cultures or in other places around the world; from our observation; from our imagination. If we want to write stories, all we have to do is pay attention, and stories will come to us. (more…)

Story Lesson 5: Story Materials 2

January 12, 2015

Tags: 6. Making Stories

To make a story, you need ideas and material, just as a cook who wants to make soup needs vegetables and salt and stock. It’s impossible to create a story out of nothing. Where do these ideas and material come from? They can come from outside you—from your reading or your observation—or they can come from inside you—from your memories or your imagination. In both cases, if you want to be able to discover and use this material, you need to collect it. (more…)